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Diagram for 01 - Cooktop Parts
01 - Cooktop Parts
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02 - Control Panel Parts
Diagram for 03 - Chassis Parts
03 - Chassis Parts
Diagram for 04 - Internal Oven Parts
04 - Internal Oven Parts
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05 - Upper Door Parts
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06 - Lower Door Parts
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07 - Optional Parts (not Included)

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Manufacturer: Whirlpool

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Diagram # Part Number Description Series Find a Video
1 W10430931 Use & Care Guide Find a Video  
W10430958 Instructions, Installation Find a Video  
W10457105 Sheet, Tech Find a Video  
9762761 Tips, Safer Cooking (english) Find a Video  
2 WP8273994 Element, Ribbon (1200w) (left Rear) Find a Video  
3 WP9762851 Element, Warm Zone (120v) Find a Video  
4 WPW10251107 Element, Hyper (3200w) (right Front) Find a Video  
5 W10336328 Cooktop (black)   (Replaces:W10260153) Find a Video  
W10336337 Cooktop (white)   (Replaces:W10299112) Find a Video  
W10336329 Cooktop (stainless)   (Replaces:W10260155) Find a Video  
6 WPW10225448 Spring, Element Find a Video  
7 WPW10260946 Support, Element Find a Video  
8 WPW10270604 Element, Surface (700w) (right Rear) Find a Video  
9 WPW10259005 Element, Triple (2700w) (left Front) Find a Video  

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Diagram for KERS505XBL03